About us:

Tufts sQ! is an a cappella group from Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. Formed in 1994, sQ! sings a versatile set, performing everything from Aerosmith to H.E.R.. Our group has performed for schools and colleges throughout the country as well as abroad and performs annually at a myriad of venues including competitions, private parties, and public spaces. sQ! has garnered many awards, most recently being featured on the Voices Only 2014 compilation album. We are extremely excited about our new EP Hint of Smile. But most of all, our group loves to perform, showing audiences for years how fun a cappella can be.

With the pandemic, we’ve had to get creative in order to keep singing those sweet harms. Check out the latest editions of sQ! From Home: Hard Place by H.E.R. and Good Life by Sammy Rae < 3

Click the link to check out our new EP Hint of Smile!

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